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Do you want to update your device’s wallpaper and ringtone, but the customization options offered by your device doesn’t fit your requirements?

Then give Zedge mod apk a try! Zedge is a popular app that allows users to customize their phones with wallpapers, ringtones, and icons.

Overview Information

Size34 MB
Latest Version8.2.1
Mod InfoSubscription Activated
Playstore LinkGoogle Play Image


ZEDGE mod apk is a mobile content distribution platform for ringtones, wallpapers, and other mobile media.

Background images, wallpaper movies, ringtones, and notification sounds can all be viewed and downloaded by users on the application.

And with these, users can customize their devices according to their preferences.

Features of Zedge

Wallpapers, video wallpapers & ringtones

According to estimations, Zedge mod apk  features around 10,000 free wallpapers and over 400,000 free ringtones! It can display full HD and 4K wallpapers, as well as backdrops for smaller screens.


Along with standard wallpapers, zedge provides a more appealing method to personalize your device with its live wallpaper library, which allows you to enjoy stunning backdrops with life-like and animated elements.

If you’re concerned about battery drain, Zedge’s live wallpapers don’t do so because they only run once when your home screen is turned on.

Zedge also has hundreds of unique and exclusive ringtones from various genres and topics, plus a massive collection of notification sounds, alert tones, and hilarious tones.

You are also welcome to download any of the wallpapers, live wallpapers, ringtones, or sounds that you find appealing.


You can contribute to the ZEDGE mod apk community by uploading content in addition to downloading it. Other users can listen to your ringtones, listen to your audio files, see your photos, and see your distinctive designs.

Without having to download anything, you can add your favourite wallpapers and ringtones to your favourites list. So it’s easy to access your favourite stuff whenever you want to update your customisation.

You may also customize your wallpapers by adding stickers and creating your own unique background. With this feature, you can easily turn a wallpaper into a cool meme!

How easy it is to find content on zedge

Zedge mod apk offer users a wide variety of content to choose from and make it easy for users to find the content they’re looking for. They also have a built-in search feature that makes it easy to find specific content.

It’s straightforward to find content on Zedge. It has a massive library of content, and with the inbuilt search feature browsing and searching for what you’re looking for is super easy.

Zedge also has a variety of categories that make it easy to find specific types of content.

Alternatives to Zedge

Here are a few alternatives to ZEDGE worth considering. We will be providing the mods of these apps on the site soon.

Google Wallpapers

Google Wallpapers is a free app that allows users to download and use wallpapers from Google’s library of images. They have a wide variety of photos to choose from, making it easy for users to find what they’re looking for.


Walli is a free app that allows users to download and use wallpapers from various artists. They have a library of wallpapers covering a wide range of styles, and they make it easy for users to find what they’re looking for.


  • ¬†Subscription Activated
  • ¬†Zedge+ UI Activated
  • ¬†Modded by ZackModz



If you’re looking for a way to customize your phone with wallpapers, ringtones, and icons, Zedge mod apk¬† is worth considering. They have a massive library of content and their search feature makes it easy to find specific content.

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