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To watch YouTube videos on your Android smartphone, you can only use the official YouTube app from Google Play.

Aside from the mobile YouTube website, the official YouTube app includes additional features and is more stable.

Actually, in some ways, YouTube for Android’s mobile capability surpasses that of the full desktop site.

It follows Google’s basic and card-based design style, just like Google+ and Google Now, the YouTube Android app.

With the exception of a low-contrast navigation bar at the bottom, the interface is mostly white or muted grey.

Smooth navigation, the pinned search bar, and high-definition content all contribute to the app’s sleek appearance.

Even more space for watching and searching, thanks to tablet optimization.

How to watch videos

There are a few ways to watch YouTube videos while on the road.

You can either use one of the third-party applications, none of which have gained any popularity on Google Play just yet, or you can go to YouTube’s mobile Web site, which isn’t very useful.

The official YouTube for Android app is the best way to watch YouTube videos right now because it’s stable and filled with features. The app was already solid before the new overhaul.

As a result, it’s even better now that the app has a card design, playlist access, and a picture-in-picture capability.

Features of YouTube

Saving, sharing, and uploading

There are several ways to store, share, and keep track of videos on YouTube for Android. For starters, while watching a video, the “+” button lets you save it for future reference.

You can access these lists from any of your devices because they are synchronized with your account.

Alternatively, you can use Android’s share protocol to share any video you have on your phone with other installed apps.

If you want to rewatch a video that you didn’t mark or add to a list, the app lets you examine your viewing history across all of your devices.

Finding videos


There are several methods to find content on YouTube, thanks to the video site’s broad navigation bar.

Here you may find a selection of videos that have been recommended to you, as well as new content that has been added to your channel subscriptions.

Watching videos

If you’ve ever used YouTube, you’ll be able to watch videos on the YouTube app in a matter of seconds.

Alternatively, you can watch the video and write comments, or you can simply give a video a thumbs-up or thumbs-down rating.

It’s a wonderful touch that, while using the app in portrait mode, it keeps the video at the top of the screen.

This allows you to read through an infinite number of comments while keeping an eye on what everyone is talking about at the same time.



The YouTube APK makes it possible for Android users to get the most out of the online video streaming platform on their mobile devices by providing a variety of helpful perks and easy-to-use features.

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