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YouTube ReVanced (YouTube MOD)

In this article, we’ll be talking about the newly launched YouTube ReVanced app as the finest alternative to the well-known YouTube Vanced app.

Overview Information

PublisherRevanced Team
CategoryVideo Players & Editors
Size160 MB
Latest Version18.09.39
Mod InfoYouTube MOD
Playstore LinkGoogle Play Image

What exactly is YouTube ReVanced

Due to legal concerns, the YouTube Vanced project was discontinued, and users have begun looking for replacements.

SponsorBlock, ad blocking, PIP, background playback, and an AMOLED dark theme were some features of the custom YouTube client.

New ReVanced software has the same capabilities and can be used instead of Vanced in this post.

In the past, Google threatened a lawsuit if YouTube Vanced, a premium version of the app, was not shut down.

As the app violated YouTube’s terms of service in several ways. YouTube Vanced was consequently disabled.

A new team of developers took over the project and created a new program called ReVanced that had no connection to the YouTube Vanced team, much to the chagrin of many people worldwide.

Features of YouTube Revanced

If we’re talking about features, this project’s GitHub page does not mention them.

Standard features such as ad-blocking, background playback, and picture-in-picture mode are expected to be included based on public perception.

The fact that the ReVanced integrations are based on YouTube Vanced’s original code offers ReVanced a lot of support from the public.

One of the numerous thoughts racing through your mind is how the app will actually work.

ReVanced will not be sharing any altered YouTube APKs. Thus this is a big deal. It’s more of a patching mechanism than anything else.

Current YouTube ReVanced Patches


Used to output, a pitch black themed YouTube Revanced apk. If this patch is not used, then non amoled variant (material light / material dark themed apk) will be made.


For having background play as on by default, if the code is not used then background play will be turned off.


Option to enable or disable the Create (+) button on the home page of the app.


Enable or Disable PREMIUM branding instead of YouTube text on the top left corner in the YouTube app.


If this patch is used, the output apk will end up having “Revanced’s logo” as app icon, if patch is not used, then you will have the original untouched YouTube App’s icon in the apk.


For disabling YouTube’s “Shorts” feature (similar to short videos like TikTok or Reels from Instagram).


Hides reels on the page.


Used for forcing the old quality choosing layout in the YouTube app. (240p, 480p, 1080p, 1440p.. etc, if your phone’s display supports it). (This is equal to “Quality settings style” option enabled in Original Vanced)


For hiding Cast option from the YouTube app (This is equal to “Cast button” option under Layout Settings in Vanced)


This patch is used to create non-root apk (hence supporting Micro-G), if skipped or unused, then root variant apk will be compiled as output apk.


To remove/disable all layout ads from the apk (home screen banners, ad links, etc).


To remove/disable all video ads.


Used to enable the option tapping directly onto the seekbar / video progress bar to seek in the video. (This is equal to “Tapping on seek bar” option under Misc in Vanced)


Disable comments panel in fullscreen view

Applied Patches

  • microg-support, amoled, minimized-playback, general-ads, video-ads, seekbar-tapping, premium-heading, old-quality-layout, custom-playback-speed, disable-create-button, disable-fullscreen-panels, custom-branding, swipe-controls, hide-autoplay-button, hide-cast-button, hide-infocard-suggestions, hide-shorts-button, hide-watermark, hdr-auto-brightness, enable-debugging, enable-wide-searchbar, return-youtube-dislike, sponsorblock, remember-video-quality, custom-playback-speed, settings, tablet-mini-player, downloads, client-spoof

YouTube ReVanced by derrin

➠ Compiled apk with the latest:

➤ ReVanced Cli v2.20.1, Patches v2.152.6
➤ ReVanced Integrations v0.91.3

➠ It’s based on the latest ReVanced features, bug fixes and optimizations (with Return Youtube Dislike, SponsorBlock and ReVanced settings)

How to Use

  • Install MicroG
  • Install ReVanced
  • Log In


This new YouTube premium alternative has given hope to users around the world since they no longer have to rely on the original YouTube app’s limitations.

As YouTube Vanced is a closed project, Youtube ReVanced aims to continue the legacy of Vanced unofficially.

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