TikTok (Premium/ No Watermark/ Region Unblocked)

Tiktok MOD APK (formerly Musical.ly) is the social media platform for creating, sharing & discovering short music videos.

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Overview Information

PublisherTikTok Pte. Ltd
CategorySocial Apps
Size82 MB
Latest Version28.6.5
Mod InfoPremium/ No Watermark/ Region Unblock
Playstore LinkGoogle Play Image

Introduction To TikTok

TikTok is one of the most popular mobile video network. Short-form videos on TikTok are entertaining, spontaneous, and authentic. TikTok MOD APK has something for everyone, whether you’re a sports fan, a pet owner, or just looking for a good laugh. Simply watch, interact with what you want, and skip what you don’t, and you’ll find an endless stream of short videos that feel customized to you.

Features Of TikTok

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Create your own videos

Definitely you’ve gone through other social networks like Facebook or Instagram and meet some short videos to return to someone’s activities, below is the small text “TikTok”. Yes, Tiktok allows users to create short videos of about 15 seconds to record their images and accompanying effects.

Users can easily adjust effects on the camera. Tiktok MOD APK has a lot of tones and images, including facial recognition effects such as adding strawberries to cheeks, making swollen mouths or making dog faces. Some of them are readily available when you download the app, but others require in-app additional downloads if you want to use it.

Asides that, users can add background music to their videos. To make your video more interesting, choose a great song and make it the background music throughout your clip. The number of songs available on Tiktok MOD APK is extremely diverse, with the majority of the most popular songs available. The application can select the climax part of the song to keep up with the video progress because the video is short (only 15-20 seconds), or you can choose any piece of music you want to fit your content.

Creating video filters, on the other hand, is crucial and should be prioritized. Tiktok MOD APK, as previously described, can change the colour of your videos to make them bold, new, or gloomy, depending on your preferences.

Finally, after you’ve completed all of the steps, upload the video to your profile and share it with the rest of the world.

Discover the world of videos in comfort in TikTok mod apk

At the same time, Android users of TikTok can easily look for content they find exciting, with the huge collection of amazing videos you may enjoy from dozens of different genres. Find yourself freely browsing through casual categories such as gaming, food, sports, memes, animals and others like Oddly Satisfying, ASMR, etc. All of this keeps you hooked on your favourite contents.

Personalization for all users

TikTok will also continue to learn your interests in order to provide you with better personalized videos. Feel free to watch as many videos as you want, all of which are specifically tailored to you. And, if you feel so inclined, share and like these videos, which will not only help the creators but also allow the app to learn more about your video preferences. Always have a good time with your favourite videos and make the most of the app.

Popular content for you to enjoy in Tiktok mod apk

And for those of you who are interested, TikTok features hundreds of awesome video content for you to explore each day and is a great place to keep yourself entertained. Often keep up with the latest trends by using the application regularly. Also, if you want to make your own viral clips, you’ll need to watch and be inspired by these ones.

TikTok MOD APK Info

  • Removed inVideo Google & Other ads
  • Made video and GIF downloading without watermark to Movies/TikTok folder instead of DCIM/Camera
  • Removed all restrictions on downloads, you can download any video
  • Removed many other restrictions
  • The application was cleaned as much as possible
  • Maximum compression + ZipAlign
  • Disabled unnecessary activities
  • Removed restrictions on duets, stitching and dynamic wallpapers
  • Rewind is now available in any video
  • Battery drain optimization
  • Removed regional restrictions
  • Fixed Facebook authorization
  • Fixed VK authorization
  • Fixed Google authorization
  • Disabled autostart
  • Enabled High Quality Audio
  • Enabled High Quality Video
  • Enabled Ultra Resolution
  • Enabled Anti Aliasing
  • Hidden root rights
  • Disabled InAppBillingService
  • Disabled all types of Analytics
  • Disabled Measurement
  • Enabled watch history
  • Added author tag for the name of the downloaded file
  • Added ability to download profile pictures
  • Exclusively Modded By DMITRY Nechoporenko

What’s New

– Fixed problem with rewinding video
– Possibly fixed connection problem for some users
– Removed banner
– Selecting the profile picture download path now affects the download of stories

★ Plugin For TikTok Features-
– Details for regions (Long press on Region option)
– Option for matching post’s region with selected region. (Don’t show post’s that are not related to selected region)
– Option for hide ads from trending list in discover section
– Choice for disable playing videos in loop behavior
– Option for hide live streams from timeline
– Choice for hide post captions from everywhere
– Option for hide long posts (with custom length) from timeline
-Ability to change download directory
– Ability to make keyword blocklist for captions (Post’s with specific words will not appear in timeline)
– Remove Video watermark & GIF watermark options
– Ability to bypass duet & stitch privacy settings
– Theme switcher for plugin
– Added new speeds in playback speed option. (1.25x, 1.5x, 2.25x, 2.5x)
– Option for downloading videos without sound (Mute videos will save with mute.mp4 prefix)
– Choice for changing font style (Currently support 6 new font + default)
– Option for changing ui colors like main bottom background color
– Added ability to reset plugin settings (Menu > Reset)
– Tap app bar for navigating to top of the options list
– Long press on options to see more info

★ v2.6.5 Changelog-
– No changelog

★ Note1- If TikTok is Banned in Your Country. Then Launch Plugin & Select Any Allowed Region Eg-USA & launch Tiktok. If its Shows Unlimited Loading Time then Connect to USA VPN first & Relaunch with Plugin

★ Note2- If you face “Too Many Attempts” Error on login, Use Forgot Password Option.


Tiktok MOD APK is a promising entertainment social network. Quickly download this application now to follow your friends and not miss any trend!

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