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Overview Information

NameTemple Run 2
PublisherImangi Studios
Latest Version1.95.2
Mod InfoUnlimited Money/ Mod Menu
Size130 MB
Playstore LinkGoogle Play Image


In the sequel to one of the most famous mobile running games, Temple Run 2 offers just enough new features to make it a fantastic continuation.

Similar to the last piece, the main character who obtained the idol manages to get away from the evil monkey.

The process of leaping, slaloming, and turning by slaloming left and right is the same as the preceding task.

Richer visuals and a wider range of upgrading components are the changes.

Additionally, the performance turned flamboyant with scenes like the trolley ride and motion of lowering with a rope.


Temple Run 2 MOD APK

Swipe controls are used to run, turn and jump through a floating temple, just like in the original Temple Run.

You can now do more than just right-angle turns in Temple Run 2.

To make the game more visually appealing than the original, the trail you follow contains dips and climbs as well as jogs left and right.

Also included are faster zip lines and a mine cart segment that requires you to learn from left to right while speeding through underground rails at breakneck speeds.

Graphically, this version is noticeably better than its predecessor.

With eye-catching visuals that you can’t help but notice even as you scramble to get through the twisting passageways.

In order to survive, you’ll have to slip under and jump over a variety of dangerous obstacles.

Including realistic-looking fire dangers and animated revolving grinders.

Temple Run 2 MOD APK

You can unlock four different characters in Temple Run 2.

There has been an abundance of upgrades compared to the previous game.

Discover a variety of unique power-ups with incredible effects and enhancements.

Different characters acquire various talents, broadening the game’s perspective.

Older technology, on the other hand, has the drawback of being sluggish and complicated to use.

With this unique mobile version of Temple Run 2, you can test your hand-eye coordination while having a blast with its engaging gameplay.

Amazing maps with various setups

Take pleasure in tinkering with Temple Run 2’s excellent maps, which come with a variety of playable settings.

As you go through the game and have more fun.

Try to explore many different natural locations with various themes and fresh challenges.

Enjoy your unique interstella journeys and follow the astronauts or amusing aliens.

Use your Indiana Jones characters to take on the challenging woodland and rune adventures.

Or go on terrifying Halloween night adventures with werewolves in abandoned castles.

You can always enjoy this endless runner game since there are several maps with various settings and themes.

Increasingly challenging levels

As you continue to run and reach new milestones, there are growing stages of difficulty.

You’re up against ever-increasing barriers and hard trials.

Designed to keep the game captivating and you entertained.


Players can choose to complete several accomplishments throughout their in-game experiences.

Reaching particular game milestones, players will get exclusive game goodies.

Many beasts to pursue you

Gamers on Android will also be able to change the enormous creatures that chase their character.

Different monstrous extraterrestrial creatures with unusual appearances.

Awaken any of the strong aliens and enjoy playing with many other large creatures as well.

Coins and high-scores

Temple Run 2 MOD APK

One of your main objectives should be to gather as much coins as you could during the runs.

To achieve the highest scores in Temple Run 2, try to live as long as you can at the same time.

Enjoy playing the game with the objective of achieving the highest possible score.

So you can gain the respect of your friends or compete against other elite players across the world.

Enjoy the offline game play

And for those of you who are curious,  you have the luxury of playing Temple Run 2 offline anytime you wish.

Enjoy the majority of its functions without any limitations.

Free to download

The game is still free to play for all Android players to play on their mobile devices in spite of all the exciting features.

Installing the game on your devices is as easy as downloading it from the Google Play Store.


Temple Run 2 MOD APK

Imangi Studios isn’t the type of firm to muck about with a name, given the likes of Word Squares, PhotoMarkr, Max Adventure, and Harbor Master.

Because of this, it was nearly inevitable that this game would be called Temple Run and depict a Hollywood archaeologist evading Indians.

Another recent attempt at perfecting the 3D perspective has been made by Temple Sprint.

Which has chosen to have its players run into the screen in search of an unknown distant place.

While swerving back and forth due to the changing landscape.

Jumping and sliding are standard fares in this genre.

But Imangi Studios takes advantage of the extra dimension by giving the player the option to turn.

You can move the player by tilting your iOS/ Android smartphone left or right.

While the game is responsive enough to swipe to change your direction (whether up, down, left, or right).

In addition to helping him collect coins (which may be used to purchase power-ups and other goodies to extend or enhance his runs), this lets him escape dangerous obstacles, such as crumbling walkways.

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