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NameThe Sims FreePlay
Latest Version5.72.0
Mod InfoUnlimited Money/ LP
Size42 MB
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It used to be a running joke when I first started playing The Sims in the year 2000 that people were wasting their time on virtual lives when they could be out having real-life experiences instead.

Once massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) became popular, the stigma associated with them began to dissipate.


Even so, The Sims FreePlay harkens back to those simpler times. For starters, it’s the closest thing to the original on mobile devices that we’ve seen thus far.

Second, this is a game that is played out in real-time. You may save yourself some time by showering yourself instead of sending your Sim to the bathroom.

I’ve never played a game that made me so aware of how much time I was squandering before, yet the rewards make it seem worthwhile.

Real-time gameplay allows for players to take a break from their game at any given time.

Timer-based freemium titles, like this one, have to keep moving when you’re gone from the computer.


A 20-minute day in real life would mean that your Sims would starve to death if you went out for an extended lunch break because the game is about micromanaging your Sims’ existence.

Instead, you can drop in as often as you like to watch after them, even if it’s only once or twice a day.

If you play The Sims with autonomy disabled, your Sims will do nothing. If you’re not there to look for them, they will suffer, starve, and humiliate themselves.



Is it possible that they will die? In the end, I was unable to let it continue any further. It was heartbreaking to see their small, defeated bodies as they stood there famished, just a few steps from a fridge.

A few more frequent visits can help your Sims get work. If you’re not able to play around at 8 am, there are certain jobs you should steer clear of.

You could find it awkward, but your Sims aren’t bothered by it because they lack any sort of interest, desire, or talent.

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