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NamePGT+ Pro GFX & Optimizer
PublisherTrilokia, Inc.
Latest Version0.22.5
Mod InfoPatched/ Paid App Made Free
Size3 MB
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PUB Gfx Tool Free is a tool that makes it simple and safe to enhance the visuals in PUBG Mobile.

Modifying your graphics settings to lower resolution will speed up any latency on an older Android smartphone.

Customizing your graphics throughout the game is possible, and you can do so anytime. PUB Gfx Tool free setup is a breeze.

In order to get your hands on a particular edition of the game, you first need to decide whether you want to play it on a global or regional level.

Then, you may pick your preferred screen size by clicking on the drop-down menu that appears.

You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of resolutions, ranging from 960×540 for mid-priced smartphones to 2560×1440 for the most expensive tablets.

Setting up visuals is the next stage after completing the first few phases.

Activate or deactivate shadows and MSAA depending on your device’s fps rate and the quality of your ‘in-game’ graphics.

In order to properly configure your smartphone, you must, of course, consider the memory available on your device.

How to use

To play the current version of the official PUBG MOBILE game without being restricted to the LITE edition, you will need to download Pro Graphics Toolkit APK, often known as PGT, if you have a low-end Android device.

Features of PGT+

In addition to anti-ban, unlocking FPS, shading, resolution increase or decrease, and optimization for the gamer’s device.

Pro Graphics Toolkit (PGT) provides a wide range of custom settings that allow gamers to design PUBG into customization that helps make their gaming experience even smoother and more enjoyable.

Easily improve graphics and visuals

Modern graphics are a common component of many 3D games, and to function well even at low settings, the user’s device must have a suitable system.

That’s when PGT entered the picture, optimizing each game for the best and most detailed visuals possible to help the user’s device run more smoothly.

Additionally, it offers superior customization options that guarantee quicker and more flexible graphics reduction than before.

Since all games utilize the same protocols to facilitate graphics optimization, the program is broadly compatible and supports a variety of games.

This increases the device’s power and has a significant influence on the visual quality of many games, which might upset consumers yet still allow them to enjoy the game.

Improve your performance in games

Users may significantly improve the performance of the entire system or device, as opposed to just the visuals.

This makes them smoother, but at the cost of faster battery depletion and more battery heat.

If the user still wants to view a limited amount of visual components while the process is being performed, this function is different from optimizing the visuals.

The program offers cooling features or user-friendly optimization in addition to the system stimulation functionality.

Additionally, it incorporates a flexible energy saver that enables users to play games with lesser performance for extended periods of time without worrying about negatively impacting the battery.

The battery of the user device is strengthened and made safer by this functionality, which may also be adjusted.

More advanced options

In addition to the functions listed above, some additional options can be unlocked for a fee.

  • Performance-improving memory boost.
  • Use the APK without having to launch it every time.
  • Hardware-based speedup.
  • No latency.
  • Reduce power consumption-


Android users can download this PGT software from the Google Play store for a fee.

If you’re an Android user, you can download and utilize the Pro Graphics Toolkit from the Google Play Store for a fee established by the game creators and Google’s rules, which may change over time.

Safe third-party APK versions are readily available for free download and installation.

If you’d want to get your hands on this lightweight program for free, you can download from your App Store.

PGT is the ideal tool to improve the user’s gaming experience in the majority of 3D games worldwide.

If the user is satisfied with its performance, it can boost the visual quality or optimize the graphics to make the gadget run more smoothly.

Additionally, every functionality may be independently customized, which allows for a better gaming experience overall.

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