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Modern Strike Online is a shooter game with a lot of action for those who enjoy it. When you play the game, you’ll have a lot of fun and new experiences as you turn into shooting warriors in a fierce battle.

With a plethora of appealing features that cannot be overlooked, Modern Strike Online aims to provide gamers with a ton of exciting experiences that only a few games can provide.

Overview Information

NameModern Strike Online
PublisherAzur Interactive Games Limited
CategoryGame Apps
Size505 MB
Latest Version1.49.0
Mod InfoUnlimited Ammo/ Menu
Playstore LinkGoogle Play Image

Modern Strike Online Introduction

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Modern Strike Online is a multiplayer online shooter series where players can invite and make friends with people all over the world to explore the several survival arenas from various perspectives using an Android mobile device.

Players will enjoy the game’s excellent graphics, which can be optimized for low-profile devices.

You will have moments of sublimation into the war and a fight of wisdom when playing the game.

Choose between terrorists and Special Forces, and prevent the enemies from achieving their objectives.

With power at the tips of your two fingers, become the strongest first-person view shooter in Modern Strike Online’s realistic graphics.

Modern Strike Online Features


Modern Strike Online has a fun gameplay, as well as special, life-like 3D graphics and a great sound system.

Machine guns, submachine guns, pistols, and four different game modes are available to try out.

Game quality and graphics


From the game’s quality to the epic, vibrant 3D graphics, and the battlefield scenes moving in a perceptible way to have shown the reenactment of fierce battles as in wartime, Modern Strike Online can satisfy even the most demanding players.

The weapons are modern and meticulously detailed, and they are updated on a regular basis, ensuring that players do not get bored.

Perfect sound

Modern Strike Online’s popularity is also influenced by sound.

As the game begins, you can hear the jerking of bullets and explosions from players firing constantly to knock down the enemy, as well as the sound of helicopters flying through the sky, tanks, and military vehicles, all of which give the player the impression that they are in a fierce war.

Another unique feature of the game in comparison to others is that you can clearly hear the enemy’s every move, allowing you to find where the enemy is hidden and quickly destroy them.

Other features include


  • The game can be played in multiplayer as well as single-player mode based on your preference of playing alone or challenging friends respectively.
  • There are 14 maps with different strategic locations and terrains allowing you to learn and employ certain tactics.
  • From deadly snipers to rocket launchers, there are 70 varied types of weapons available which you can customize accordingly. The useful armour help to protect you significantly during wars.
  • The optimized hardware enables it to be played on different devices even if it is a weak old phone.
  • Modern Strike Online unlike other FPS games has easy and accessible control features making gamers comfortable with it in a very short time.
  • There are 8 diverse modes including deathmatch, team DM with a bomb, duel, special operations, hardcore, and custom gamers with their distinct components.
  • The amazing visuals and relevant sound effects of powerful gunshots and devastating explosions intensify the fun of the game.


When shooting and engaging in live action, the game provides players with thrilling moments.

With a vibrant sound system, specific eye graphics and unlimited ammo, you’ll have a lot of fun while playing Modern Strike Online.

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