Last Day on Earth (MOD Menu)

We all enjoy playing games these days and some of us enjoy playing survival games. In this article, we will talk the survival game Last Day on Earth mod apk.

Overview Information

NameLast Day on Earth: Survival
Size640 MB
Latest Version1.20.3
Mod InfoMod Menu
Playstore LinkGoogle Play Image

Last Day on Earth Introduction

Last Day on Earth MOD APK

In order to fully immerse players in a massive post-apocalyptic setting, Last Day on Earth mod apk uses top-down adventure aspects in its realistic action-survival gameplay.

Players can collaborate to construct bases or conduct raids on other bases to obtain additional resources and survival gear.

Last Day on Earth MOD APK

No other thing apart from surviving has significance in Last Day on Earth. Whether it be a friendship or love as survival is necessary at all costs.

While playing the game, you’ll feel like a normal person being faced with various problems. You have to overcome them and survive.

Features of Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth MOD APK

In Last Day on Earth, you can set your character according to your gender and customize that character as you wish.

You are given a variety of switch modes to play the game well, like self-healing, looking around, auto mode, sneaking, sprinting, etc.

And will also find many Survivor Maps where you must go through various adversities.

There’s also a zombie map in the game where you have to survive and survive the zombies.

Last Day on Earth MOD APK

And you will have access to various weapons and tools to assist your escape from zombies.

The game teaches you what a person needs to survive and you get a real-time experience while playing.

You’ll also find a PvP mode, where you can destroy various enemies and get their equipment.

Last Day on Earth MOD APK Info

  • Menu Mod
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Bike Skin Unlocked
  • Weapon Modify Unlocked
  • Blackmod Gift ( Build Atv Bike With One Click And More )
  • Skin Unlocked
  • One Hit
  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Durability (Weapon , Armor…) [new]
  • Crash Fixed [new]
  • Magic Split (Split An Item To Get More) [new]
  • Craft From The 1st Level ( No Level Requirements )
  • Item Duplication (Split An Item To Get More)
  • Free Crafting (Craft Without Required Items)
  • Free Building (Build Without Required Items Tajobs)
  • No Building Requirements
  • Free Upgrading (Upgrade Without Required Items)
  • No Level Requirements
  • Fast Travel
  • No Energy Cost ( Choose Walk To Move )
  • Instant Move ( Choose Walk To Move )
  • Unlock All Event
  • Unlimited Iteam Food Water ( Turn Off If U Can Put Item )
  • Fast Loot ( Click To Loot No Wait Time)
  • No Level Skill Requirement ( Open All Chest Dor Need Lv Skill )
  • Unlimited Inbox Item ( Gift Box , Pack Box , Single Weapon )
  • Fast Move Speed
  • All Event Unlocked


Last Day on Earth is a highly addictive survival game and a lot of gamers are becoming increasingly interested in it as it grows  popularity.

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