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Overview Information

NameFL Studio Mobile
CategoryMusic & Audio
Latest Version4.1.4
Mod InfoPro Unlocked
Size230 MB
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FL Studio Mobile MOD APK

One of the most downloaded paid applications in the Music & Audio category is FL Studio Mobile.

This is due to its robust toolbox, which enables users to swiftly and flawlessly make music.

FL Studio is a top-notch DAW with native plugins that are feature-rich and of high quality for professionals.

Overall, this DAW is an excellent choice for both newcomers and seasoned professionals, offering all the features of other DAWs while maintaining a distinctive user experience.

As users completely explore the amazing music creation and sound editing tools that the app has to offer, Android users may enjoy their thrilling musical adventures.

Enjoy the straightforward and user-friendly FL Studio Mobile music software while having fun with the intriguing in-app features.

Use it to edit and perfect any audio or vocal recording you have made.

You may effortlessly and successfully complete your world with the aid of FL Studio Mobile’s practical and powerful capabilities.

Features of FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile MOD APK

FL Studio Mobile contains the following incredible features, which are all listed below:

The top Android APK for making music

Use FL Studio Mobile to begin your first music production.

With a variety of tools to aid with editing to every detail, lively EDM tracks may be simply generated here. Pick a song to serve as the backdrop first.

Then, utilize the FX Equalizer to modify the speed and magnitude-related parameters Gain, Frequency, and Bandwidth.

Make music with a variety of instruments

And FL Studio Mobile will enable you to utilize a variety of virtual instruments while you explore the amazing sound realm.

Use your top-notch synths, drum kits, piano, keyboard, sliced-loop rhythm, and other distinctive components to make a wonderful mix.

You may certainly incorporate entertaining and intriguing sounds into your tunes with them.

Consequently, your smart phones can offer a fantastic editing experience comparable to that of a studio.

Record and modify audio on your devices

FL Studio Mobile MOD APK

Additionally, FL Studio Mobile will provide you the ability to record your voice if you’re interested in creating your own songs from scratch.

The software will assist you in creating the best records possible with the resources you have available by providing you with 6 distinct record settings for your specific locations and situations.

An audio mixer that is intuitive

The app also allows users to use its smart mixer, which has a variety of simple settings, making the overall editing and mixing experience more convenient.

One can modify specific songs here with a variety of fascinating effects. Alternately, activate the piano roll editor to modify recorded singings with ideal harmonics and tones.

various audio formats for importing and exporting

FL Studio Mobile delivers full support for all of the most popular audio formats as you dig into the great music experiences.

These comprise WAV, MP3, FLAC, and other formats.

As a result, you can simply import audio from a variety of sources and appropriately export your mixes and alterations to any format.

Additionally, FL Studio Mobile allows file storage and sharing in a variety of well-liked settings. 


  • Brilliant MIDI composing tools based on loops and patterns.
  • Automated video segments can be easily rearranged.
  • Updates for the rest of your life are completely free.


  • For typical multitrack recording, it’s not as intuitive.
  • Notation editor is missing from this package.

Specifications for the Image-Line FLS Studio

Unrestricted Access to the Full Version No
Plan for Subscribing No
Tracks of sound Unlimited
Packaged Information 1GB
Notation No
Pitch Adjustment No
The Mixer’s UI Yes


FL Studio is available in four different editions. Fruity ($99) does not have the capacity to record or alter audio clips, so it is only for in-the-box music production.

In addition to the step sequencer, the piano roll, the event editor, and the automation support, it has a good range of synths and effect plugins.

Sytrus synth is included with Producer ($199), which adds the ability to record and edit audio.

Newtown pitch correction and time editor, the full version of DirectWave sampler, sleek Harmless additive and subtractive synth, a video player, and a few additional guitar and drum plugins are all included in Signature ($299), the version I used.

Normally extra-cost Image-Line synths like Poizone, Ogun, and Morphine, as well as physical modeling-based Sakura for distinctive string instrument sounds, are included in the All Plugins Bundle ($899).

With four different pricing options and a lifetime of free upgrades, FL Studio can be purchased at any one of the four different price points.

As a result, you just have to pay once, and you’ll always get the latest version for free.

Be aware that Image-Line offers individual plugins for purchase, so you can build your own package and just include the tools you believe you’ll use.


FL Studio Mobile MOD APK

It’s no surprise that FL Studio has become one of the world’s most popular digital audio workstations (DAWs).

With a fresh new look+feel, updated plugins, and affordable package price, it has returned to the top three most popular DAWs for beginners and experts.

If you’re seeking to get into music production and recording, FL Studio is your best bet.

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