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Overview Information

PublisherCandywriter, LLC.
Latest Version3.6.4
Mod InfoUnlimited Money/ Bitzenship/ God Mode
Size150 MB
Mod InfoGoogle Play Image



The publisher Candywriter’s newest simulation game is called BitLife.

Despite having only four titles, they have had a significant effect on the gaming industry despite their lack of popularity on Google Play.

As proven by the fact that BitLife has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play and several 5-star ratings, their games frequently attract their most devoted fans.

The BitLife app is a video game that simulates the character’s life. This platform allows players to choose a character and lead a virtual life.

This voyage is divided into two halves, the first of which is referred to as “childhood” and the second as “adulthood.”

It was first introduced in 2018, and the revised version was launched in 2019.

In this life-simulation game, the Candywriter is a mastermind.

This app can be used on both iOS and Android phones and tablets.

One can progress through the many stages of life and die to conclude the game as a single-player experience.

Each character’s demise on this platform is determined by their health bars and star signs.

Using this software, gamers can form a close bond with each other as if they were siblings.

It is possible to begin the game by selecting your family members (mother, father, etc.).

You must approach the game in the same manner as you would in real life.

Make Your Choices


By selecting activities from each character’s history, you may design the course of events that your character will experience.

A series of occasions will be created for your character in BitLife – Life Simulator at various levels.

The game will give you the option to complain by biting your mother’s hand when she takes you to get immunized, or you may behave well by sitting quiet and obeying.

You will decide to work in BitLife – Life Simulator, but you also need to know how to manage your money well.

Whatever your identity, you have sound financial management skills.

Putting money into real estate, getting a car, starting a business, or playing at a casino.

Your future is determined by every decision you make.

On the menu bar, there will be an Assets category where you may manage your assets.

BitLife is a popular game among children


The kids are having so much fun playing BitLife that they are neglecting their real lives.

The virtual world has a profound effect on children’s lives. Even if they aren’t aware of it, their academic performance deteriorates over time.

Because there are no obstacles in this virtual environment, the kids enjoy it.

Players develop relationships with one other, such as mother and father or brother and sister in this fantasy world.

Characters that the players have a strong bond with have been hand-picked by them to serve as the foundation of their friendships throughout the game.

Mentally immature members of the family are prone to creating unwarranted emotional distress by immersing themselves in an unrealistic fantasy world.

In the end, this form of video game poses a serious threat to the well-being of children and adolescents.

Why should parents care?


  • BitLife is a great program for kids, but they can easily become addicted to it.
  • Ribbons are awarded to players who reach specific goals, but obtaining them can take a long time.
  • Ads and in-app purchases can be found throughout the app.
  • A number of heavy themes are explored throughout the game, including drug use and addiction, infidelity, violence, suicide, and more.
  • Choices such as whether to undergo plastic surgery, break the law, or murder someone are not uncommon in video games.



The 17+ rating is also our advice, even though it isn’t as suggestive as, say, Episode.

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BitLife offers you a fresh outlook on life and is more than just a simulation game.

Although life can take you in a variety of directions, a positive outlook can help you live well and provide a wealth of prospects for the future.

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